What do You Know About Pea Gravel Patio?

An open-air living area does not just add worth to your home but also improves the quality of your life.

Patios present a place where families and friends can meet and enjoy each others company in fresh air outside.

All those who are planning on having patio installed could find themselves overcome by the choices available.

Though concrete, stone, tile, brick, and additional materials are pretty commonly used, have you considered a pea gravel patio?

Patios fashioned out of Pea Gravel are becoming increasingly widespread here in the USA as people owning homes are starting to understand the many benefits of this sort of an open-air living space.

Below is a discussion on the benefits such a patio offers and its installation process.


A few of the numerous benefits that such a patio offers are:

  • Cost – When weighed against other materials for building patios, this material is fairly inexpensive. Furthermore, the installation process is less time consuming when weighed against the other options.
  • Appearance – A feature of this material, the mingling of rich, natural colors, offers a pretty and appealing atheistic to a patio.
  • Drainage – One great benefit of this material is that water cannot flow off the surface. Rather, the water is absorbed through this stone and seeps into the earth. This implies that this material prevents corrosion, and your patio is not going to require grading on top of a trivial incline as other materials require.
  • Design – The great thing of this material is that it offers nearly limitless design choices to a landscape. You are able to create patio of this material of all sizes and shapes.
  • Maintenance – Patios made from this material require somewhat less maintenance. Raking the stone to keep the surface smooth may be required. Besides this, it requires limited maintenance.


Having determined the size and shape of the patio you want, a careful excavation of the area is required.

For most favorable results, a large hole having a depth of no less than four inches has to be made.

That having been done, the foundation of this hole must be compacted and leveled out.

Material for landscaping has to be spread across the area to stop weeds from growing through the patio.

At last, the material might be used for filling in the complete patio.

Because of this being an extremely manual and lengthy job, the best way of doing this is often to engage the services of a specialized contractor with the skills and tools required for completing the job quickly and correctly.

Where to purchase

Pea gravel is a widespread landscaping material and is available at various retailers and suppliers.

Although the majority of people will be inclined to visit a big-box home improvement store in their locality, this might not be the best option.

Because such retailers are not manufacturers of stones, they would be purchasing from a supplier and subsequently selling the gravel for a higher rate to clients.

One is going to find the fairest rates from a stone supplier. A grand stone supplier would be having a passion for this industry, which they can draw upon for helping you out throughout your project.