How to Choose & Install Pea Gravel in Your Backyard

Of every one of the materials used for landscaping, the trendiest is Pea Gravel. Like the name suggests, the size of the stones are small, re round shaped and has a texture similar to a pea.

They are incredibly colorful and include hues of tan, brown, red, orange, and even gray-blue.

Because of having such a smooth texture this material is also rather soft and unproblematic to work with for various projects.

The most excellent thing is that they are easily available and are the most reasonably priced of all the decorative rocks.

Pea Gravel Uses

It’s been a long time now that Pea gravel has been commonly used in landscaping & home improvement communities.

The key reason for this is the wide range of purposes that this material serves:

  • Driveways – Lately, there has been a rise in the building of loose-fill residential. They are exceedingly affordable and present homeowners with the chance to fashion an exclusive and gorgeous front drive that conveys their own personality. This material is a grand pick as its colors fashion personality, while the texture makes it safe to drive and walk on.
  • Paths – This material is easily usable in all landscapes. Whether someone wants to build a graceful, European-styled garden path / a storybook walkway, this material will accomplish the job.
  • Play Areas – excluding sand, this material is among the trendiest materials made use of for surfacing school, suburban and municipal play spaces. It has been established that such stones have awfully shock absorbent nature. Besides this, this material also offers first-rate drainage. Lastly, with these stones you won’t face the problems with sanitation that you face with sand.
  • Beaches – This material is able to be made use of as a substitute for sand down the length of shorelines. The material has a propensity of reflecting heat and thus maintains a cool temperature.
  • Replacement for Mulch – Mulch is crucial for promoting healthy plant life. In spite of the fact that mulch is organic and restocks the soil, it produces issues when it requires being replaced on a regular basis and since it draws pets. Pea Gravel is a material that is actually able to substitute organic mulch. The stones are capable of promoting the proper drainage while adjusting soil temperatures. Simultaneously, this material has a long life and would not be attracting insects.
  • Water attributes – The textures and colors connected with this material make it supremely appropriate for water attributes. They reflect properly in fountains, reflection pools, and even arid river beds.


Homeowners in the United States enjoy using this martial due to the number of benefits that it offers and they include:

  • Versatility – As talked about, this material can be put to use for an extensive range of purposes. Be it to acts as a substitute for mulch or for ornamental reasons, this is a material that many prefer.
  • Affordability – Among the most excellent things of this material is that it is exceedingly affordable. In the face of its attractiveness and plasticity, anyone is able to afford such rocks and put them to use for numerous purpose all over their landscape.
  • Kid Friendliness – This material is even, round, and trouble-free to walk upon. Consequently it is harmless for even exceedingly young kids to walk and play around on.
  • Pet Friendliness – numerous of the people having pets prefer this material over grass. Whereas grass could get spoiled by animal waste, this material is never-changing. It happens to be comfortable for animals to amble across, stays cool even during warm weather in heat, and does not get spoiled by kicking / digging.


Ahead of incorporating walkways of this one’s landscape a person has to work out and plan his/her needs.

  • Shape – Foremost a person has to work out his/her project area. Does he want a circular patio/ a lengthy, rectangular driveway? Normally speaking, rectangular / squared coverage spaces are simpler for the usual homeowner to work out by themselves. However, stone professionals are adept at working with all coverage area shapes.
  • Size – If possible, one must take job measurements. For rectangular areas, one requires the length, width & depth. Depths for the majority of projects ought to be 2-4. One should not hesitate to opt for assistance on having any doubt. For rounded or arched project spaces, one must work with an expert.