How to Build Pea Gravel Playground

Kids love to play outside and since you do not want your garden to be destroyed because your kids want to have fun, it would be best to form a pea gravel playground.

The pea gravel playground is an area around your yard that is specifically for your child’s play time. Here they can enjoy a wonderful time playing with their toys or just being plain active.

  1. To build the gravel playground, you need to do an ocular first to find the most advantageous space where you can watch your kids and keep your garden from getting messed up.
  2. Once you have figured out the extent of the gravel playground, you can now go ahead and secure the materials for the gravel playground.First, you need to remove the big rocks and gravel on the space where you will place the gravel playground.
  3. Make sure that you are left with soil without any weeds or large rocks.
  4. Once you have done that get a long piece of wood and cut it to the appropriate size for the pea gravel playground. The wood will serve as the guide for your pea gravel to not scatter outside. An elevated pea gravel playground is very advantageous and you would not have to worry about digging a hole on the ground.
  5. Once you have secured the edges of the gravel playground, make sure that the pea gravel playground is sloped sloping it from the middle will allow the water to move along the edges of the gravel playground. This will prevent any slippage.
  6. The next step is to place a piece of plastic or landscape fabric. This is very essential to prevent your pea gravel playground from growing weeds.
  7. Once you have secured the plastic, place the pea gravel on the soil. The gravel playground should be at least 6 inches high.
  8. Level the pea gravel playground and then place the slide, the swing, see-saw and all other play things that you have for your child.

Decoration tips

One great way to decorate your pea gravel playground is to use pea gravel of various colors.

There are yellowish, dark colors, red colors, pink and white. They are not that brilliant but it can sure make the playground striking especially for visitors who would come and visit your lawn.

The pea gravel playground that you build, it is in a good quality, can increase the value of your property most especially if you have built it securely.

The pea gravel playground is a very simple project that you can do by yourself with pea gravel.


This is a very small, rounded stone so if you child fell from the swing or the see-saw, your child will not suffer any big injuries since the rounded stones are much flexible and more adaptive compared to coarse rocks that tend to become compact.

Use the pea gravel playground to have a fun bonding time with your kids and enjoy this very simple space that you can personally make. Be creative and explore the opportunities of building things like pea gravel playground using the pea gravel.