How to Build a Pea Gravel Walkway

Building a garden is a real lot of work. You need to plan your garden, decide where the ferns, shrubs and flowering plants will grow.

You need to pick the area where the plants will best get some sunshine and shade. You also need to plan how it will all look.

Aside from that and this is true for those gardens that are pretty massive, you need to plan how to navigate across the garden. That is the reason why you should try out the pea gravel walkway.

The gravel walkway is simple a walkway that is adorned with nice pea gravel and other materials.

Plan your pea gravel walkway

Firstly, decide if you will be doing a concrete gravel walkway or a loose gravel walkway.

If you opt for concrete, you will end up with a permanent path. If you want to improve the look of your garden every now and then, the loose pea gravel walkway would benefit you very much.

Also, concrete can add to the cost of your gravel walkway so it would be most practical to go for a regular pea gravel walkway.

Decide also which kind of pea gravel you will use for the gravel walkway. There are sharper pea gravel options and the rounder ones.

  • If you want a more compact gravel walkway the sharper or coarser pea gravel will hold on more and retain its shape much longer.
  • The rounded pea gravel will move more so you might want to have extra items on hand if you will use the round pea gravel for the pea gravel walkway.

Building process

  1. Excavate the path for the gravel walkway and remove all stones and weeds.
  2. Level the pea gravel walkway and slow it on the sides or edges so that the water will not stagnate in the middle.
  3. After you have slope the path for the gravel walkway, lay landscaping fabric over the earth. The landscaping fabric is a very essential tool for patios and for pathways like the pea gravel walkway since it provides a layer of protection to prevent the growth of weeds beneath.
  4. Once you have secured everything, lay the pea gravel across until the pea gravel reaches 6 inches in height.

Decoration tips

The pea gravel walkway can be decorated with bigger, flatter stones on top or at the edges. This is beneficial for the gravel walkway to prevent the gravel from slipping and scattering around.

The use of the rounded pea gravel can cause the small stones to stick at the grooves along the soles of rubber shoes so it you want, use a slightly bigger kind of pea gravel.

The pea gravel walkway should be leveled and measured for evenness all throughout.

At the end, your garden will look very professional because of the gravel walkway.

You can also use various colors of the said gravel. There are reddish ones, yellowish ones, white and pink. Adding unique colors will add a bit of brilliance to the pea gravel.