Dominic monaghan

Hollywood is studded with many stars and they tend to dazzle us with their glamour, charisma and amazing talents. There are many roles in the movies that without any doubt leave indelible impressions on the psyche of viewers and that make them the most loved characters. Among such characters, the role of Merry in the Lord of the Rings is certainly many people’s favorite and the actor who portrayed that role with perfection is none other than dominic monaghan. Yes, this British actor has really melted many hearts with his innocent smile and lovely mannerism in the movie. So here we are now going explore the various aspects of this marvelous actor and his life.

About early Life of dominic monaghan

From very early age dom monaghan wanted to become actor and that is why he started to take part in school plays from the second year while he was in St. Anne’s school. He started his acting career from there as he used to deliver very strong statement in plays and that is why he was the regular participant of every play.  With time, some plays become the base of his acting talent and career; such as A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist and Bugsy Malone.

 After school he joined very famous Manchester Youth Theatre and started his work in Hetty Wainthropp Investigation and played crucial role of Geoffrey Shawcross till the fourth season. Then he made his debut film “Hostile Water” and played role of Russian sailor Sasha and everyone appreciated his work. It was the beginning of amazing journey of dominic monahan in films as he worked in numerous block buster movies from then on.

Success with Lord of the Rings

Role of Meriadoc Brandybuck in Lord of the Rings is the most famous role that he played in his career. He got International acclaim and success worldwide with this role and caught eye of many film makers because of his intense acting and emotional expression. In the movie he portrayed the role with amazing gusto and enthusiasm. He shows the true spirit of friendship, bravery and loyalty. Being the youngest of the fellowship, he depicted the innocence and sweetness of their character even when facing various adversities on the way. Yes, we all remember Pippin and Merry rescued by Treebeards and his marvelous take on the war against Nasgul. Everything about the character was enchanting and lovely which is why till date the spark of Merry’s smile warms our hearts.

 After the completion of this movie dominic monaghan lord of the rings become most prominent keyword that people searched online for relishing the dominic monaghan pictures and his fans went crazy as they saw their favorite star in impressive avatar. Even though, only limited dominic monaghan photos were available on the internet but after this movie there were numerous pictures of his character of lord of the rings.
It might surprise you that billy boyd and dominic monaghan are known as best friends because of the role they played in Lords of the Rings, hence, this pair has gained unprecedented popularity just like Frodo and Sam. In reality as well they are very close with each other and it is reveled when Dom presented Billy boyd with a picture of cake covered with bees and that become the inspiration behind Billy’s band “Beecake”.
Being the member of the fellowship, his role as Merry has been immortalized in the history of cinema which in itself is a huge accomplishment. To honor the fellowship he also has a tattoo in the elvish language.

After lord of the rings dominic monaghan narrated the documentary named Devil’s Bible (Discovery Channel) in 2008. He also worked with famous personalities like Christian Slater and Sean Bean in the star studded movie Soldiers of Fortune.    

TV Shows and other short roles

If you talk about the famous lost dominic monaghan then he made his appearance in Lost from 2004 to 2007 and played superb role of Charlie Pace (Drug addict and well-known X-Rock star). Very few people are aware of this fact that he actually auditioned for the Sawyer role but later he was assigned Charlie role because it suited his age.     
In X-Men Origins: Wolverine he played role of Bolt (Chris Bradley) that was short but important one. In July 2009 Confirmations came that he is going to play role of Simon in the new science fiction series of FlashForward but the deal was cancelled after the first season. Then in 2010 he made special appearance with Megan Fox for the video of Eminem song “Love the Way you Lie” and played the part of being in abusive relationship. This song has become an instant hit although got some critical reviews on glorifying violence in relationship.

The wild things tv show in 2012 for Channel 5 was the most popular UK show that was aired on that time and it contains documentaries of fatal native wild animals. These animals were exotic and only founded in this part of the globe and UK people admired him for his bravery and good work.


Passionate and True nature lover

This person loves nature beyond any doubt and that is why he always proactively works with various organizations that encourage planting of trees and improving environment. You might not be surprised to know that this star owns forest (in India) and have worked for the animal rights with the world famous organization PETA. He loves insects and reptiles from his childhood and that is why he owns pets Gizmo (leaf mantis), Witchitar (black widow spider) and most loved pet Blink (albino snake). For his love for insects and animals, one of the newly founded spider species was named Ctenus monaghani after him, in his honor!

Other interests and activities:
Monaghan is adventure lover and has numerous outdoor hobbies ranging from football, basket ball to hiking, surfing etc. He is also an avid learner and has practiced karate and yoga. He is also diehard fan of Manchester united.